365CPS Newsletter (Apr 2015)

I have benefitted in 3 aspects – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It is especially so emotionally.  Wei Nah, one of the patient care staff was very encouraging and helpful.  I am very touched by the care and concern of the centre’s staff and volunteers.  We were also served delicious and nutritious meals. There were also many activities organized by the Centre, such as 365 Detox Dance, painting therapy sessions, cooking classes, handicraft classes, music lessons using the ukulele, etc.  These classes lifted up my spirit and helped me to be more cheerful and positive.

365CPS Newsletter (Jan 2015)

Day Activities Centre for Cancer Patients – a Dream came True for 365CPS clients!

I recall the case of a 35-year old brain cancer patient. Due to her condition, she lost her job and was thus deprived of a steady source of income. She lived with her elderly parents. Her mother was a dementia patient. During her treatment, the side effects caused much pain and fatigue, to the extent that she was too weak to prepare her own meals. Although there was a helper at home, the helper was not able to cook food suitable for her. Thus, even though she was hungry, she was not able to get the nutrition that she needed. Over time, she became weaker and weaker. Not having a companion with whom she could share her thoughts and fears which added to her sense of hopelessness. Coupled with the constant reminder of her mother’s condition, this lady lost her fight against cancer within three years.

365CPS Newsletter (Oct 2014)

365CPS Day Activity Centre (“DAC”)
Following the announcement made by our President, Mr Eric Chiam last year during the Charity Dinner on the need to start a Day Activity Centre (“DAC”), we have been working closely towards the set-up of our 1st Day Activity Centre.  Here are some brief information which will help to answer some queries:

1. Why do we need a DAC for Cancer Patients?
With the services of DAC, we hope to address the following needs of our patients & family members:

365CPS Newsletter (Jul 2014)

365CPS had brought about many health benefits to me such as health talks, nutritional talks and proper dieting as well as emotional health therapy. Through these activities I began to learn more about cancer. During “Love Lunch” activities, I made the acquaintance with other cancer warriors. I felt glad and was much comforted as we were on the same journey and were able to provide emotional support and encouragement for one another. The 365CPS’ staff visited me on a regular basis and showered me with their care and concern. I remembered once when I was hospitalised sometime just before Lunar New Year, 365CPS staff came over to visit me and even presented me with a red packet. I felt so touched by their love, care and concern.

365CPS Newsletter (Apr 2014)

I used to suffer greatly from my cancer condition.  The pain in my body caused a lot of discomfort.  When I lie down, the pain was there.  When I get up, the pain was still there.  I had great difficulty getting into sleep and swallowing my food.  I used to waste a lot of food because I managed to take only a mouthful each time and had to discard the rest.  I was a bag of bones at 32 kg.  After 4 months of doing 365CPS lymphatic detox exercises, with an improved appetite, I am now at 38 kg.  My gratitude to 365 CPS lymphatic detox exercises!

365CPS Newsletter (Jan 2014)

Many have asked me: “What does ‘365’ stands for?” A very simple answer would be “Good Health for 365 days in a year.” As I reflect on what the Society has accomplished over the past 10 years, I realized that “365” is significant in many other ways. Let me explain.
365CPS’ mission is 3-fold. Firstly, we seek to prevent Cancer through various means. Secondly, for those who are already afflicted with this dreaded disease, we walk alongside them and provide invaluable support in their battle against cancer. Last but not least, we promote wholeness and wellness through education.

365CPS Newsletter (Oct 2013)

One of our goals is to further improve our service to our clients by providing practical help that will promote physical health, mental wellness and spiritual fulfillment. Regardless of whether it’s at our in-house facilities or home and hospital visits by our care & support teams, we strive to provide positive experiences for our clients. For example, we hope to cater for meeting points where our clients can have meaningful fellowship and acvies such as exercise, singing or learning about healthy cooking. Their involvement in such liveliness will surely boost their immune system!

365CPS Newsletter (Jul 2013)

When I found out that I had cancer, my whole world turned upside down. I was very upset and struggled with negative feelings of anger, fear and uncertainty. Although my family, especially my husband, was a source of strong support, my doctor recommended that I consider joining a cancer society who can provide emotional support and help me through this challenging season of my life.