365CPS Newsletter (Oct 2017)

I am Ong Soh Khim, 55 years old. I am a designer. I should have been so happy that I could take the first provident fund this year. However, it backfired. I cannot think of suffering from the cancer, even at the fourth stage of lung cancer. The doctor said that he could not have […]

365CPS Newsletter (July 2017)

I learned a lot about myself by exploring these sketches. I find the Art courses very revealing and truly enlightening.  This has been a remarkable experience and I have learned and unlearned a great deal about myself. The skill I acquired also equipped me to do caricature drawing…

365CPS Newsletter (Apr 2017)

In January 2015 during an overseas trip, I noticed a lump near my throat while my hubby was having a haircut in a salon. I still remembered seeing myself in the mirror that day. The lump was so obvious when I lifted up my head. I did not feel good then. Somehow deep down in […]

365CPS Newsletter (Jan 2017)

On 14th June 2016, my doctor told me that I have stage 4 prostate cancer and I have only 5 months to live if I do not go for treatment. However, if I do go for the treatment, I would have another 1-2years to live. It was depressing and there was no other option to choose. It was a serious condition where my bladder, prostate, kidney were swelling and my cancer cells had spreaded to my bones. Simple things such as taking a deep breath, walking and tossing on the bed were painful. The pain felt like a knife stabbing into my bones. My wife and daughter were crying and they seemed more hurt than me….

365CPS Newsletter (Oct 2016)

After being referred to an oncologist, I was told of a scary statistic that most lung cancer patients globally (95%) could not last more than 5yrs. There might be a chance that my cancer cells are not the common type (adenocarcinoma) and might not have a certain mutation to make me a suitable candidate for targeted therapy.

Hearing wave after wave of bad news, I was down, confused, lost and living in fear. So much so that I had panic attacks during sleep, I do not have appetite to eat and I kept having negative thoughts. I do not know whom to turn to.

365CPS Newsletter (Jul 2016)

On a fateful and life-changing day in 2003, I discovered a lump on my breast while taking a shower and, somehow, the thought of cancer came to my mind. I told my husband and he advised that I should see a doctor. I was fearful to face the reality if indeed is the big C. My mind was filled with many negative thoughts and it was my husband who stood with me to consult the doctor.

365CPS Newsletter (Apr 2016)

I joined 365 Cancer Prevention Society and attended their reading class in 2003. This is where I really learned how to prevent and fight cancer. I was a meat-lover before I was sick and started to learn how to choose vegetables as my staple food. I joined to be part of 365 Cancer Prevention Society volunteers team later on. Since I have recovered, I feel that I should help other patients who are in need of assistance. I am mainly responsible for the food therapeutic group now. Whenever I go for patient visitations, I also learnt a lot from them. Dear friends, let us support each other towards a better future and live out a life of glory!

365CPS Newsletter (Jan 2016)

Through the years, it’s very gratifying to see our staff and volunteers fulfilling their roles in helping the society through fund-raising activities. I think they are all very brave and doing a great job! It’s so encouraging to hear of many stories of how they have been blessed many more times than what they have given up in terms of time and effort. It’s truly better to give than to receive.
Recognition from relevant authorities of the society’s efforts also encourages me. They, together with our donors, heard the heartbeat of the society and have aligned themselves with our goals by their support and releasing financial resources so that we may achieve the vision and mission of 365CPS.

365CPS Newsletter (Oct 2015)

“As part of the society…”

As part of the society, we enjoy the convenience, opportunity and help which the society provides us. Since I was born, I have been on the receiving end, from parents, teachers and friends. Each time I travel abroad, I seek others’ help when I run into trouble. For over 20 years, I have never seriously given back to the community. And, here I am presenting with an opportunity to help in 365CPS.

365CPS Newsletter (Jul 2015)

Very often, it feels like running a marathon, to pace and to cheer them on in running their race.   Immense satisfaction comes from seeing them recover from their illness and be in good spirit.  That is what keeps me going in my work.