Ms Anna Phua
Member / Nutrition Consultant

Ms Anna Phua is an expert in healthy living and a Food Consultant.  She has 40 years of teaching experience in the following areas of expertise – juice therapy, colon detoxification and developing healthy recipes.  Her positions and appointments include Director of Anna’s Cooking Arts, Cooking Instructor of Flora Sante’ Pte Ltd and Food Consultant of China Cina.  Her passion in food and healthy living have resulted in media attention which includes her speaking at popular radio programs (FM97.2 & 95.8), being featured on papers, magazines, and invited to major cooking demonstration events and talks.

Ms Anna Phua has also published many well-loved books, titled The “Festive Delight”, Zesty Southeast Asian Treat”, “The Vitality of Vinegar”, “Active Vegetable and Fruit Enzymes”, “Japanese Style Health and Beauty Diets”, “Cooking for Kids”, and “Cooking for Children”.

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