Prof Lim Kah Meng
Member / Chairman of Fundraising Committee

Dr Lim received his PhD degree from the National University of Singapore in 2002 and his work involved cell growth and regulation in cancer and infectious diseases.

A successful and established entrepreneur, he also has over 20 years of experience in the life sciences research field including 2 years as a research scientist at an A*STAR funded research institute that includes a post‐doctorate attachment at the University of Minnesota, USA.

He has taught as a tutor in the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine for 2 years.

He was featured in a National leading science magazine when he won a prestigious National Conference Research Science Award among 100 top entries across the nation. He subsequently won an International Cancer Research Award at a Singapore Annual Oncology Symposium organized jointly by the John Hopkins-NUH International Medical Centre and The Cancer Institute, National Healthcare Group.

A NUS research scholar, his academic honors include placement on Dean’s List (1995) as well as the winner of the Best Honors Project Thesis in Microbiology (Lijen Industrial Development Gold Medal) at the 1997 NUS Convocation. At the college level, he graduated from the famous Raffles Junior College (Raffles Institution) in Singapore.

Dr Lim is currently the founder and CEO of the Gene Oasis Group. He is the inventor of multiple technologies, whereby these technologies have now been successfully commercialized. Dr Lim is now leading a team at Gene Oasis which collaborates with A*STAR’s Biomedical Institutes.

Apart from being a professor at both Tianjin University (China) as well as Nanyang Technology University (Singapore), Dr Lim has also been appointed as the President of the South East Asia Bird’s Nest Chamber of Commerce.

Dr Lim won the Singapore Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2011. He won the Ten Outstanding Young Person in the World (Singapore) in 2012.

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