Our Vision

“Be a society serving the community to prevent

and fight cancer through holistic health with loving care

and a passion for life.”


Our Mission

  • To create positive awareness in battling against cancer-related illness through educating the general public.
  • To assist cancer patients to adopt a positive lifestyle in a holistic approach to meet their needs which encompasses the mental, emotional and physical needs.
  • To encourage existing cancer patients to organize specific cancer support groups among themselves.
  • To provide financial assistance to needy cancer patients.

Our History

365 Cancer Prevention Society was found in 2003 by Billy Wang who was the DJ of FM97.2.  The society is Institution of Public Character (IPC) approved, registered under Singapore’s National Council of Social Service.

Our mission is to serve the community through cancer prevention measures.  This is accomplished through health and nutrition education, promotion of healthy lifestyle and lymphatic detox exercise programs.  We also provide practical and emotional support and care for patients and their family members in their battle against cancer through residential and hospital visitations, counselling and wellness services.

As a non-profit organization, 365CPS depends on public donations to fund all its services and programs.

What does ‘365’ stands for?

A very simple answer would be “Good Health for 365 days in a year.”

365CPS’s mission is 3-fold.  Firstly, we seek to prevent Cancer through various means.  Secondly, for those who are already afflicted with this dreaded disease, we walk alongside them and provide invaluable support in their battle against cancer.  Last but not least, we promote wholeness and wellness through education.

365CPS fulfills its mission through 6 different ways:

  1. Emotional support by our Care and Support teams
  2. Nutritional support through practical lessons
  3. Counseling support to help patients deal with their condition
  4. Physical exercises to help boost immune system and strengthen the body
  5. Educational talks / seminars / activities to promote wholeness and wellness
  6. Financial support for needy patients

Every one of the above requires contribution from dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters.  I hope that more of you will join our team or proffer your resources or talents to boost our ability to be effective and efficient in all that we do.

We need to aim for 5-star service standard in order to excel in our service to the local community and beyond.  We are still learning and presently, a self-assessment would probably show that we deserve a 3-star rating.  As it is our calling to serve and make a difference in our community, it is our goal to challenge ourselves constantly in order to improve our service standard.  There are 5 different areas that we need to focus on:

  1. Love and compassion for those in need
  2. Unity amongst staff and volunteers in carrying out all aspects of our operation
  3. Faith to believe that we can make a difference
  4. Patience in serving
  5. Deferential attitude towards leadership