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1. What is the 365CPS Direct Debit Donor Programme (DDDP)?
DDDP is a donation programme designed for members of the public who are interested in supporting 365 Cancer Prevention Society (365CPS)’s cancer fighting efforts and activities in Singapore on a monthly, 6-monthly or annual basis.

2. How does 365CPS promote DDDP?
DDDP is promoted face-to-face and it is an easily accessible and friendly method of allowing members of the public to find out more about 365CPS’ cancer fighting efforts and activities. DDDP is promoted at various places including events, shopping malls and at pre-approved locations throughout Singapore.

3. Which parties are involved in DDDP?
There are 3 parties involved, and they are 365CPS, APPCO and SG Global Support Services

We have engaged APPCO, a reputable international marketing company that is also working with other many Charity Groups in Singapore. APPCO sends small teams of trained fundraisers known as “365CPS Appointed Representatives” to promote the 365CPS Direct Donor Programme (DDDP) at pre-approved venues in Singapore. 

SG Global Support Services helps us to manage this programme’s administrative work.

4. Why doesn’t 365CPS use its own staff or volunteers for DDDP?
365CPS is not able to bear the cost of setting up a large team to manage and carry our DDDP. This is why we are partnering with APPCO who specializes in face-to-face marketing. This partnership allows 365CPS to save cost and channel your donations to our cancer fighting efforts and activities in Singapore. Face-to-face fundraising is a regular, professional job that requires long-term commitment and specific skills. While we sincerely thank our volunteers for their support, many of them have jobs and/ or commitments which mean that they are not ideal candidates for this type of programme.

5. How can I be sure that the man on the street approaching me for donations is a staff of APPCO?
All our representatives carry an ID badge and a copy of the CCA (Collectors Certificate of Authority) issued by the NCSS (National Council of Social Service) which states the name and NRIC of each individual fundraiser. If in doubt, you can also contact 365CPS at 6337 3368 or APPCO at 6557 0120 with the full name or ID badge number of the representative that you wish to verify.

6. Does all the money go directly to 365CPS?
Yes. 100% of all the funds raised goes directly to 365CPS. DDDP is a safe and convenient way for members of the public to donate to us as we only accept credit card transactions and all the monies are debited directly into 365CPS bank account. 365CPS pays APPCO a small fee for the work done. Each year, we allocate a budget for various fundraising activities: special events, direct mailers and so forth. It is from this pre-allocated, strictly approved budget that this fee is paid. This fee is within the NCSS guidelines and contributes to the programme’s overheads.

7. How much is the monthly, 6-monthly or annual donation? 
- Monthly donations start at S$38 per month (only $1.26 per day) and this amount will go a long way towards our cancer fighting efforts and activities in Singapore.
- 6-monthly donations are set at $228 and deductions are made once every 6 months.
- Annual donations are set at $456 per year.

Note: 365CPS Appointed Representatives are NOT allowed to accept cash donations.

8. I am keen to consider donating to 365CPS. But, can I make a one-time donation instead of donating on a monthly, 6-monthly or annual basis? 
Every donation is important for us to continue our work. Should you be keen to donate on a one-time basis only, you can do so by:
- Making an online donation at here
Or, send us a cheque made payable to “365 Cancer Prevention Society” at the following address, with your name and contact number on the back of the cheque to facilitate processing

365 Cancer Prevention Society– Individual Donations
1 Commonwealth Lane, One Commonwealth Building, #07-09,Singapore 149544

Note: 365CPS Appointed Representatives are NOT allowed to accept cash donations.

9. What happens to the money that I donate? How does it help 365CPS in cancer fighting efforts?
Your love donations will help us to…
1. Continue our services and administration in cancer prevention and support

2. Build and sustain our 1st Day Care Centre for cancer patients.
This will enable us to greatly assist cancer patients and their family members in area of caregiving, emotional, nutrition, financial support and equip individuals in area of cancer prevention through the lessons conducted in the centre

3. Future Plans - We also look forward to build more than 1 Day Care Centre in Singapore. With the donated funds, this enable us to make clear future plans for Day Care Centres.

10. How can I make a donation?
You can make a donation to 365CPS via

By Online donation portal (Credit/Visa)
- To make an online donation, please visit here.

By Cheque
- Write cheque payable to “365 Cancer Prevention Society” at the following address, with your name and contact number on the back of the cheque to facilitate processing.

365 Cancer Prevention Society
1 Commonwealth Lane, One Commonwealth Building, #03-10, Singapore 149544

By Cash
- Cash donations can be made directly to 365CPS at the above mailing address

By DDDP Roadshow
- Email us at or visit our Facebook to check out the locations of any upcoming roadshows in Singapore and talk to our appointed 365CPS representatives. And while you’re at it, 'Like' us on Facebook to get quick updates about our work and what have we been up to.

11. Are my donations tax-deductible?
Yes, you are applicable for 300% tax deduction for donation in year 2015 and 250% in year 2016, 2017 and 2018.

12. How can I cancel my monthly, 6-monthly or annual donation?
Every dollar is crucial to carry out our cancer fighting activities in Singapore. Hence, we hope that we can have your continuous support.
However, if you need to cancel your donation, please contact the donor service line at 6323 2012 and we will process your request immediately. However, please allow a maximum of 30 days for the termination of credit card arrangements to take effect.

13. Who do I contact for further enquiries?

For enquiries on DDDP/ 365CPS Field Representatives:

Tel: +65 6557 0120
Fax: +65 6535 6972

For enquires on donations/donor services (e.g. change of details/cancellation):
SG Support Services
Tel: +65 6323 2012

For enquiries on DDDP/ 365CPS’s work:
365 Cancer Prevention Society
Tel: 6337 3368
Fax: 6221 4039


Special Thanks to Sponsors

Special thanks to mall(s) which have generously supported 365 Cancer Prevention Society Direct Donor Debit Proramme (DDDP) 

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