Objectives of Day Activity Centre for Cancer Patients

  • Provide caregiving support to family members and cancer patients
  • Provide caregiving support to those who are low income, single or self-supporting
  • Provide nutritious diet plan to cancer patients
  • Provide a positive and encouraging environment for cancer patients

Why do we need a Day Activity Centre for Cancer Patients?

Caregiving needs

  • Family members lack the skills and knowledge needed to take care of cancer patients.
  • Daily work routine and household income are affected when the caregiver (who may be the only key breadwinner) spends too much time away from work or quits job to take care of sick member.
  • Emotional, mental and physical pressure is great on caregivers and patients. The burden on caregivers may also indirectly affect patients as most of them do not wish to be a burden to the family.
  • Day Care Centre is also be able to help self-supporting/single patient who does not have any family members attending to their needs.

Nutrition Needs

  • Having a strong body immune system is important in the process of treatment and battling the illness. However, cancer patients & caregivers are usually uncertain of what to eat.
  • During chemotherapy, the side effects of treatment such as loss of appetite, trouble swallowing, taste aversion, diarrhea makes eating unenjoyable and slows down recovery.
  • In Day Activity Centre, appetizing nutritious diet will be advised by our nutrition consultant and prepared for the patients during their stay. This will help to build strong body immune system for cancer patients.

Positive & Encouraging Environment

In Day Activity Centre, patients are able to build deep inter-personal relationships and meet fellow cancer fighters who also struggle similarly. This will be a place where patients encourage one another and find emotional support.

Having perused the various services provided by the Society, if you have any questions or wish to participate, you are welcome to contact us. For enquiry, please call +65 6337 3368.